3 Factors That Affect The Cost Of Commercial Vehicle Inspection

January 26, 2023


An annual vehicle inspection in the form of a commercial vehicle inspection program (CVIP) is an essential part of driving a truck or commercial vehicle. A certified truck repair shop can help you fulfill the requirements associated with CVIP inspections.

In addition to fulfilling legal requirements, CVIP is also essential in making sure that your commercial vehicle keeps working at its best and will keep running smoothly.

Since CVIP is mandatory, a lot of truckers and people who drive commercial vehicles have concerns about the cost of CVIP in Calgary.

In this blog post,we will highlight the top 3 factors that affect the cost of CVIP inspection in Calgary.

Factor # 01 – Brakes

The specific brake system of a vehicle has a direct impact on the cost of CVIP. According to the latest rules of CVIP inspection, a visual inspection is not enough to check the condition and quality of the brakes.

Instead, the current guidelines make it mandatory for certified inspectors to remove the wheels of both electric and hydraulic brakes. The inspection cost of the brake system is covered by a flat rate based on the number of axles in the vehicle.

Generally, visual inspection is enough to fully check the air brakes. However, taking off the wheels can become necessary in alternate years for a complete inspection. The presence of oil and grease contaminants is quite common in air brakes, due to which wheel removal can become essential.

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Factor # 02 – Inspection And Repair Time

The exact time spent inspecting and repairing a commercial vehicle can greatly vary based on the specific model and components of the vehicle. The exact cost of a CVIP inspection can change due to the additional time spent inspecting a commercial vehicle and applying repair solutions.

Several issues can arise during a complete vehicle inspection. For instance, the inspectors can run into issues with taking off the wheels when they have not been removed in a while. Other such issues can cause a truck repair company to spend a lot of time inspecting the vehicle, driving up the total cost.

Factor # 03 – Cost Of Parts

The entire purpose of a thorough CVIP inspection program is to inspect the quality of different parts of the commercial vehicle and apply any necessary repair solutions if required. Therefore, the total cost of the inspection can increase if, during the inspection, it is found that a certain part of the vehicle has to be repaired or replaced.

The mechanic will discuss the cost of the part with you before replacing it, so you won’t have to worry about facing any unexpected charges. Truck companies follow government guidelines when it comes to deciding the cost of different procedures involved in CVIP, so you can expect fair and transparent rates from them.

A professional truck repair shop can take care of all your inspection and repair procedures in one place, so you won’t have to take your vehicle to different places. This way, you can get affordable, high-quality inspection, maintenance, and repair services all in one place.

Average Cost Of A CVIP In Calgary

The cost of a CVIP inspection is dependent on many different factors, due to which most truck repair shops are not able to give a clear quote to their customers. However, if you are looking for a certified truck company that offers professional CVIP inspection services, then LLN Truck Repair is the best choice for you.

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